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 100 Years of Italian Design

Planes still had wooden wings, the few trains around were driven by steam, people ate in their kitchens and oil was only used for lamps. Guzzini’s origins date from this era. Horn was the raw material then.

And as the Guzzini brothers worked it, they discovered that lines could be changed, unusual shapes could be suggested and an ordinary salad-server could be made more attractive and surprising. Was that Design? Nowadays, critics write learned volumes on the subject. For Guzzini, it was first and foremost a love of the job in hand.

Then came the second half of the 20th Century, full of dreams, discoveries and technologies that improved people’slives: antibiotics, the moon, the Web and Design. That first love for a salad server grew into a passion for the form and function of objects, even everyday items, and became the mission shared by four generations of the Guzzini family.

Nowadays they call it Design, because there has probably not been a single day, for more than a hundred years, when people at Guzzini have not spent time studying objects’ function and continually improving their form. For a hundred years, Italian and international designers have helped to bring innovation to the daily routine, in the kitchens, on the tables and in the homes of the whole world. Which may be why Guzzini contains some of the history of Italian design.